Why can't I change my email to merge accounts?

Veronica de Capileira
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I mistakenly set up a secondary account and I deleted it so that I could add it to my other account.  When I try to add it to my other account, I still get an error message that it's associated with an account.  However, I'd already deleted that account!


How can I fix this?


  • Alison
    Alison Employee

    Hello Veronica,

    Thank you for this question!  The steps I am about to provide will help you work around this error message.

    This will require the use of another (perhaps personal email, or any email unaffiliated with a Smartsheet account to this point).  Sometimes the steps in the Help Center are not quite clear enough, so this may help.

    The reason for this is because Smartsheet does not delete accounts but will ask for a placeholder email address.  If you'd like this new email address to have the same access (without any sort of sharing hiccups) to all your sheets from the last account, the best bet for you is to add your new email to your first account.  

    This effectively merges your accounts.  Information on changing your email can be found here

    1.  First, you will want to sign out of all instances of Smartsheet (all browsers, windows, etc).

    2.  Then, you will want to reset your password (if needed) for this new (non-desired) address using this link here by copying and pasting it into your browser.  Resetting either of your accounts' passwords can be done here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/pwd

    Please remember to sign out of all accounts before following this link.

    Please also remember to update your browser-saved passwords after resetting your password.

    3.  Next, you will want to go to Account > Personal Settings in this account (the one you want to place into the other account).  In here, you will want to follow to "Manage Email Addresses" and add another email (an unassociated email address--this will be an account you do not use).  

    You will then want to confirm this email address through your email inbox.  

    4.  After this, you will want to go to Account > Personal Settings > Manage Email Addresses and make this secondary, personal email address your "Primary."  This will then allow you to delete this desired address from the account, thereby freeing it for use in your desired account.  If there is already an alias set up in this email address, make that the primary email address and delete the original email address as an alias.

    5.  Next, you will want to go to Account > Personal Settings in your other account.  In here, you will want to follow to "Manage Email Addresses" and add your new email.  At this point, you are free to either delete this first email address as you did above, or you can leave it in your account.

    6.  You will then want to share yourself to all your sheets in your now-changed former account (the one that now has your personal email address in it) so you will be able to access them.  

    However, from now on, you shouldn't have any problems with sharing to either of your accounts.  Information on sharing sheets can be found at our Help Center here:https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/520104-sharing-sheets7.  

    7.  After this, if your employer had assigned a license to this account whose email you've replaced, he or she can remove that license under User Management.  

    Information on this can be found here.

    This will free up another license for use within your organization.

    Kind regards,


    Smartsheet Support