Joining cell's with text contents and checkboxes selections onto one text string

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We have a design queue sheet where we receive design requests via a web form. Users make a scope selection using a couple of drop down menus and a bunch of check boxes, and an "other" text box for miscellaneous tasks. On the queue side, the number of columns where this information is gathered occupies quite a large area of the view; please see screen shot. it would be great if there was a way to combine the results of these columns into a single cell with a text strings that represents everything selected on the submittal form.

For example I would like the output from the 3rd row to be:

3D Prsentation, Specifications, Populate Floor Plan


And from the 12th row:

3D Sketch, Specifications, no 3d req


If the results could be displayed vertically (with a carriage return) that would be even better.

Thanks in advance for any solution or advice.








  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, possible.

    Smartsheet does not allow us to reference the column name, so I add a row for that at the top of many sheets (also aids in searches and navigation around big sheets)

    Likely COLLECT() and JOIN() will be involved.

    For the carriage return, I keep this post bookmarked:

    Looks like an interesting problem -- an hour or two to refine it.

    Good luck.


  • I had a very similar situation and desired output - For others that come across this, the solution I came up with, as suggested above, included COLLECT and JOIN. 

    My situation included only checkbox fields, so the solution below may not work with the 2 text fields above (Rendering and Other). First step was to add a row in line 1, duplicating the column headers since we cannot reference the header names. 

    Then in your output column, beginning in row 2, enter:

    =JOIN(COLLECT([Space Planning]$1:Other$1, [Space Planning]2:Other2, true), ", ")

    If the box is checked, it will return the the column header (from row 1) and enter a comma in between each.

    Good luck!

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