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iPad application updates?

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Is there a timeline on when the below unavailable features will be available for the iOS platforms?  They are essential to the effectiviness of the application as it pertains to my organization's project managment needs.  My team is deployed with iPads.  We love the simple interface and loads of features but without full mobile functionality its not going to work for us.


Thank you.


Smartsheet features not currently available in the iOS app:
  • Indenting rows
  • Applying formatting (background colors, bold text, currency, percentages, etc.)
  • Adding attachments from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote
  • Attaching any file type other than images
  • Sending row update requests
  • Creating and modifying web forms
  • Accessing the Calendar View
  • Moving rows within the sheet or to another sheet
  • Creating and editing formulas
  • Creating hierarchy
  • Freezing, hiding, locking and sorting columns
  • Creating new filters or editing filter settings. You can apply or remove filters configured from the full version of Smartsheet.
  • Creating and modifying Reminders and Notifications
  • Editing dependency settings
  • Editing End Dates of sub-tasks in a dependency-enabled sheet
  • Editing Start Dates of sub-tasks if driven by a predecessor in a dependency-enabled sheet
  • Managing an existing paid subscription - please login to the full version of Smartsheet from a desktop or laptop computer to modify or cancel your account


  • Erik Rucker

    The short version is that those things are all on the way, just as fast as we can build them.  The next iOS release will be available in just a couple of weeks and will include several items on your list along with several other things (watch this space for more details!). 


    The items in your list fit roughly into several buckets, and I'll use those to lay out how they'll appear in the app.  The first bucket is "Grid things" and includes things like indent / outdent, formatting, and so on.  In addition, I'd include in-place editing on that list, so you can make changes to cells directly in the grid.  The second bucket is "things that require calculation", and includes formulas, and editing things like dependencies & calculated dates in projects.  There's a deep set of technology that underlies both of those groups of features and we've been working on that for the last year.  Most of that work is done and in the product today, and you'll see the new features that rely on that technology appearing over the coming months.  The other features above don't cluster so easily together but are also on the plan. 


    I do have a couple of questions about things you've listed, though, and would love some more detail on what you're after. 

     - Edit start date of dependent tasks - the start date of dependent tasks is generally driven by the dependency.  Are you talking about a "...but not before..." constraint on the start date?  Or are you talking about breaking the dependency by editing the start date? 

     - Attaching files other than images - iOS doesn't have a device-wide file system, so there isn't really a way to get at attachments other than images.  It is somewhat possible to get images from other apps or services (like Box, Dropbox, etc.) and Apple has made that function better over time.  Can you provide more detail on what type of files you were looking to attach and from where? 





  • Paul Roll

    Is there any update as to when or if the full features will become available on IOS devices? Love the application and the full feature desktop version especially now you have introduced the card views.


    Again we predominently use iPads as we are more often mobile and would love to have the full features in an iPad version. Would you be able to provide an update of the roadmap or even if this is in scope?




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