Resource profiling

Lee T.
Lee T.
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a requirement where each task requires a % allocation profile instead of the standard flat % allocation throughout the duration of the task - is it possible to set this up?


For example, a task is 9 months long:

Month 1 requires 50%

Month 2 - 6 requires 100%

Month 7-8 requires 50%

Month 9 requires 25%.


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello Lee,

    If you're using the resource management functionality, there currently isn't a way to automatically provide a % allocation profile based on duration. (More info on Resource Management is available in the help center.)

    If you're not using the resource management functionality then you can place an IF statement in your % allocation column that automates this. Example:

    =IF(NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]1, [End Date]1) = 270, 0.25, IF(OR(NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]1, [End Date]1) = 30, AND(NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]1, [End Date]1) <= 210, NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]1, [End Date]1) >= 240)), 0.5, IF(AND(NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]1, [End Date]1) <= 60), NETWORKDAYS([Start Date]1, [End Date]1) >= 180), 1)

    More about Smartsheet functions can be found in the help center: