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Can you create an update request to have Smartsheet read incoming data being added to a new row for duplicate information?

We are considering creating a web form for people to "register" with us and want to prompt them (or our staff) if they try and register twice.


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    only solution I can think of is using a dashboard. Use a helper column to check and see if the data is duplicated, and use an if statement. =if(duplicated,"Data has already been submitted","Thank you for your submission")

    create an autocreated number column and a second helper column in the second helper column say =if(autonumber(@row)=max(autonumber:autonumber),1,0)

    Use a report that posts the first helper column on the condition that the second helper column =1. post that to the dashboard.

    send them to the dashboard URL upon submission of the webform. good luck