Working with dependencies is a nightmare

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Dear Smartsheet,

I have a two change requests, because at the moment working with dependencies is really inefficient and time consuming: 

1. Auto calculate lag when creating dependencies: when I create a dependency it automatically changes start or end dates. This is very annoying and time consuming because you always have to calculate the lag to manually insert it, to prevent items from moving around. Auto calculating the lag would be really useful. 

2. Breaking cell linking in start dates: even when the start date in the master sheet is the same as the source sheet it breaks the link when I create a dependency in the master sheet. Therefore you can never create dependencies in the master sheet without breaking the cell linking. This prevents the mastersheet from being really useful, because the main advantage of the mastersheet (imo) is combining multiple project plannings in one mastersheet to oversee and manage dependencies. 

Are there already change requests for these topics? 

Kind regards,




  • I would also like to add another annoying behavior.

    If i have 2 rows linked and i move the second task's (successor) start date forward, the link is breaking.

    Why not allowing to keep the link and have the task move forward so that we will know that it still has a predecessor but the dates can move from the predecessor and forward if needed?