Smartsheet Dashboard published within MS Sharepoint 2016

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I want to take a Smartsheet Dashboard that is interactive and put it as a web part within MS SharePoint 2016 site.  I use the page viewer webpart and provide the web page link offered up when I publish the dashboard, but once I apply it, all I get is the smart sheet blue screen, then the "smartsheet is loading" and the just the blue screen again.  It doesn't present the dashboard.  I don't want it to be a picture, because I want it to update live from the dashboard each time someone enters into the SharePoint site.  Is that possible?  Also I only get one publish option





  • Hello Michele,  it is possible to embed a Smartsheet Dashboard in SharePoint Online and I assuming it would be possible with SharePoint 2016 since they are very similar.   Instead of inserting a Web Part try inserting an Embed Code.  I'm by no means a SharePoint expert but this is what I'm seeing in my SharePoint Online environment.


    SharePoint Embed UI.JPG

    SharePoint Insert Embed Code.JPG

    Smartsheet Dashboard in SharePoint Online.JPG

  • I had the blue screen problem when using Chrome. Cleared up when I opened the share point site with IE.

  • ker9ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I get the blue screen problem in Internet Explorer 11 but not in Chrome. Using SharePoint 2013 and there does not seem to be an "Embed Code" option. Same publish settings as shown above.

  • I have had the same problem. @ker9, what was your resolution?

  • I have a similar issue. Sharepoint 365 with Smartsheet Dashboard. I embedded the iframe as @Dan Arildson did above. This is what I did:

    Sharepoint with Chrome displaying Dashboard iframe snippet - Only showed header bar of dashboard, not the full dashboard. Same result with Edge browser.

    Sharepoint with Chrome displaying a single Smartsheet sheet - The sheet displayed fine. Same successful result with Edge browser.

    Sharepoint with Firefox displaying Smartsheet Dashboard - Success!

    I have no idea why Firefox (which I never use) would work but Chrome and Edge would not. Unfortunately, my company uses Chrome by default. I would not be successful if I tried to get everyone to use Firefox for this one item.

  • I was successful publishing a Smartsheet dashboard in SharePoint Online by embedding the code. However, I'd like to remove all of the double scroll bars on the right....any ideas?

  • Which browser are you using? I am trying to do the same but our company only uses Edge. I see in prior posts, embedding the code has not worked.

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