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Loann McGee
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Good afternoon,

In looking for a particular attachment, my result took me to the "Attachments" tab on my sheet. However, that attachment is not on any row in my sheet (I physically checked each of the 300+ rows in that sheet to verify).

Curious why that tab shows far more attachments than what are actually attached to lines within the sheet.

FYI that rows from this sheet get moved (not copied) to a completely different sheet that we use as an archive. Does Smartsheet not recognize when an attachment on a row has been moved and thus remove it from the list in the tab for that particular sheet?

Also, I could not find out what line that attachment is supposedly attached to - is there a way to do such from that tab?





  • Alison
    Alison Employee

    Hello Loann,


    This is a great question!  It sounds like these attachments are on the Sheet level as opposed to the row level.  In Smartsheet, you can attach to a comment, a row, a sheet, or a Workspace.  Since these are not assigned to a particular row, as you're mentioning, it sounds like they're on the sheet level.


    If these attachments are on the sheet level, then they wouldn't be moved with a row, as they wouldn't be associated with any row.


    You can find further information on this at our Help Center in our Attachments article.


    Please let me know if I've misunderstood or if I can help with anything else.

    Kind regards,


    Smartsheet Support