Multiple Checkboxes give different Text values

Hi, ok I have 3 columns with Check boxes, each one with a separate word, "Pre-Screen, Development, Test. I want have these word values show up on the same row  in a different column when I choose the Checkbox.

I can get it to work for just 1 word on the row, how do I add the others in the formula so what ever checkbox is chosen in that row it will display that value?

=IF([Phase 1 - Pre-Screen]1, "Pre-Screen", "")

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  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You could use the following formula but it doesn't account for if someone clicks 1 and 3. It assumes that someone would click them all in order. 

    =IF(AND([Phase 1 - Pre-Screen]1 = 1, [Phase 2 - Development]1=1, [Phase 3 - Testing]1 =1), "Pre-screen, Development, Testing", IF(AND([Phase 1 - Pre-Screen]1 = 1, [Phase 2 - Development]1=1), "Pre-screen, Development", IF([Phase 1 - Pre-Screen]1 = 1, "Pre-Screen")))

    You could also assume that if someone clicked off on Development that Pre-screen was completed too... or if they clicked off on testing, then the others were completed as well... and make the formula simpler. 

    =IF([Phase 3 - Testing]1 =1, "Pre-screen, Development, Testing", IF([Phase 2 - Development]1 =1, "Pre-screen, Development", IF([Phase 1 - Pre-Screen]1, "Pre-screen")))

  • Hi Mike, Thanks for the information, I added 2 more columns and then did the formula like this

    =IF([Phase 5 - Product Launched]1 = 1, "Product Launched", IF([Phase 4 - Review & Approval]1 = 1, "Review & Approval", IF([Phase 3 - Testing]1 = 1, "Testing", IF([Phase 2 - Development]1 = 1, "Development", IF([Phase 1 - Pre-Screen]1, "Pre-screen")))))

    it works great.  when nothing is checked the staus cell is blank, then whatever the last check box is checked it shows its status. and at the end when product is Launched, I setup a conditional format to show it 100% complete and the Strikethrough the entire row so we can move on to the next product.

    See the attached. hopefully this can help out someone else.

    Product DEV.PNG

  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Awesome. Glad I could help you out. Looks great!