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Dear Smartsheet-Community,

I am doing a semesterthesis in coorporation with a company that has been using Smartsheet for a while. My job is to create an automated order tool for AM parts, which serves as an order backlog including the 3D models and part properties and that enables communication with the supplier.

Object of this project is to generate an automated export of the part from Autodesk Fusion 360 (CAD), where you can select the desired properties in a separate user interface (see attached image), into a new line in Smartsheet, which then automatically sends a notification to the supplier.

My question now is: Does anyone of you has done something similar before and has experience in creating a new line and importing data from external providers? How should I start with the API and maybe there is some sample code that I can use?

Thanks in advance for your support!



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  • Hi Daniel,

    I'd recommend getting started with our API documentation:

    You may be able to use the API and webhooks to build an integration that will create a new line based on a CAD file being added to a folder.

    If you're looking to gather metadata from the file itself to add to the sheet, you might want to see if Autodesk has an API that you can use as well.

  • Did anything come from this? I use Fusion 360 and am trying to automate the generation of my BOMs into smartsheet, which it seems like this might accomplish.

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