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"Saving as new" options doesn't roll forward alerts

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I have several month-end sheets that I rollforward each month and the "save as new" option allows to keep data/formatting, attachments, discussions, and forms but not notifications/reminders.  I have several alerts set up throughout multiple sheets.  


When I roll the sheets forward with "save as new" I have to then set up all the reminders again which is a pain.


Any suggestions?   If not, can this option please be added into future smartsheet releases.




  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 09/25/15

    Hi Ian, Alerts are not included on sheets when you make a copy but I would be happy to submit your suggestion to our product team. Here's some of the reasoning for not including alerts. 


    Alerts are only sent to users shared to a sheet. When you make a copy of the sheet, no one is shared to the sheet, so alerts would not be sent out. If you were to share the the sheet with the users shared to the original sheet, then you would have two identical sheets with alerts and the users would get duplicate alerts across sheets. I understand this wouldn’t be the case for all situations but those issues would need to be taken into account when adding a feature like that. 


    If you give me some details about how you would like this to work, I can submit your suggestions to our product team!

  • Ian
    edited 09/25/15

    I have a workspace for my department. Within the workspace I have August month-end folder.  All of the sheets in this folder have assignments and due dates.


    When I am preparing for September month-end, I save as new the August month-end folder as September month-end and update the dates to reflect September due dates.


    It would be great to have the same alerts on the sheets that were set up in August.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks Ian!


    One sugguestion, you could use sheet level reminders which will be quicker to set up when you create a new sheet. Setting up a single sheet level reminder will apply the reminder to all the rows in your sheet. You can tell it to look to a Contact List column and a Date column to know where and where to send the reminders. 

  • Correct, I have that already.  But when I "save as new" all my reminders are deleted, that is the whole issue.

  • I too would like to keep my alerts when I copy a sheet. In my case, I manage new product launches, so my alert rules will always stay the same. The specific people may change, but the rules don't. Please advise.




  • Bump, making the same request. Especially if your Sheets are being copied to the same workspace, and you have many project trackers, then the issue is that the sheet admin has to go through each to set up alerts.


    Hoping for a foreward update.

  • I'd love a way to keep alerts. I run many training programs and these are repeated quarterly. I am currently doing "Save As", and have tried "Templates". The same people are always nvolved too.

    The only thing that changes is the date of the delivery (which is used as the key date, and all other dates use a predecessor value).

    If alerts were kept, my workflow woud be "Save As", change the delivery date. Get back to work.

    Right now, I "Save As", change the delivery date, and then set 53 alerts for multiple people and always as "Start Date". I do this on 12 sheet each quarter. It's killing me.


    PLEASE allow the option to keep alerts and people, or not.

  • I +1 ( a million times ) this suggestion and have recently submitted a case for this with SmartSheet support. Fingers crossed. Anyone running sheets for Product Development, where the same collaborators doing pretty much and same steps for each development need to have the feature to carry forward alerts. 


    Project A - Save as new sheet to Project B - Same sheet makeup, different product. All of our Project sheets reside in the same WorkSpace so sharing conflicts are not a concern in our case.


    For us it's called a stage gate and if it changes from project to project there are minor adjustments to the flow but all parties involved from R&D to Marketing to Design to Sales to Online Sales to Customer Experience all play roles and need to know when things are getting close to their turn to take action. 


    Im mean there is the Update Request feature which is quite powerful but most of us are not always tracking our sheets daily so the Alerts feature is a fantastic safe guard and helps to improve communication across departments. Id rather be caught off guard by a team member asking me about an alert they recieving in any one of the projects I manage than be late on execution. It even covers you when your on vacation or have an illness that got you by the knees.


    I would help and support this with the SmartSheet DEV team in anyway I could to gain access to this feature.




    Justin Koetsier

    Assistant Product Manager

    CWD Limited

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