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RA Prj Mgr 27
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am very new to smartsheet and am only day 3 of using the tool. I am looking for some guidance or confirmation in my approach to manage the projects of my team. I have about 53 team members and everyone has anywhere from 5-30 projects that are either being actively working on or are in the pipeline. I am looking for the best way to organize this so that I can see who is working on what, the due dates, etc. so that I can figure out what I can move/reassign when a new urgent item comes up.

Right now, I am looking for higher level oversight and management of these projects with the potential for the team members to create Gantt charts for their individual projects if necessary. 

My thought was that it would be best to create one giant sheet with all the projects and key information (assigned to, due dates, priorities, status, etc.) and then link this data to other sheets so that I can customize views based on what views are needed (team projects, overall resourcing issues, etc.) and also create a dashboard for management to get an idea of what is going on in the group. 

Is this the best way to approach managing this many people/projects or are there recommendations from others who have done something similar that might be more useful? I just want to minimize the amount of updates to different sheets if possible.