Need for darker lines and dates on printed calendars

Andrew Ryan
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I export my shipping dates to a sheet that presents the data as a calendar that is printed and posted for our shipping packers and loaders.  This is a great tool for allowing those on the team who are not on the computer to plan their workflow.

The default color for the calendar grid as well as month and date labels is light grey.  I have found nowhere that this can be changed. Changing printer setting is not helpful as the rest of the calendar is dark and vibrant.


Does anyone else have this issue or have you found a setting to change?

shipping calendar.PNG


  • Hi Andrew,

    There currently isn't a setting in Smartsheet that makes the lines darker. You may need to consider importing this into a PDF or photo editing tool (acrobat reader pro, ms paint, etc.) to make the lines darker.