Using a checkbox and an IF statement to perform a function

Jake Manning
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have been using Smartsheet to track production and perform P+L on projects at a construction company.  I am attempting to have the sheet calculate our percent profit on a project only if our GPM Report checkbox is checked for the job.  Ideally I would like to incorporate this into some other calculations as well but I will settle for this one to begin.


I am having trouble inserting a function into the cell when the checkbox is checked.  I either get the function as text or I get an #INVALID OPERATION return.


I am currently using:

=IF([GPM Report]17 = 1, =[CV (Cost Variance)]17 / [BAC (Budget At Completion)]17, "0")

and it is returning an invalid operation error.  GPM Report is a checkbox column and CV and BAC are both currency columns used to track overall job cost and profit.


I have tried searching the forums and done a good days worth of digging and I haven't found anything that I was able to use.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!