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Cell linking from Project to Project

Mike Tillett
Mike Tillett ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Hello, when linking a cell from one project to another, is there anyway to have a lag - negative, for the task to start before then end of the linked cell or positive to have a delay.


Also, while I'm posting can a task be linked to a task from another project but also have a dependancy from a task in the same project?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Mike, yes you can create lag from a linked predecessor task. Make sure when you are linking, you include the Start Date and Duration (End Date will automatically calculate). Then you can create a dependency (with lag) on this row, the same way you would any other row. Add the row number of the linked row to the predecessor column of the dependent task and add + or - and the number of days. For example for a 5 day lag if the linked data is on row 6: 6FS +5d


    Second question, depends on what you mean by "linked". A task that is cell linked from another sheet cannot have a dependency on your current sheet. If by "linked" you mean, with predecessors, then yes, you can have a task that has two predecessor values, one referencing a row cell linked in from another sheet, and one from a row that exists in the current sheet. 

  • Hi Travis


    For the first part of the question, I meant a lag on a task linked from another  sheet.  Is that possible?  


    For the second question, I did mean linked from another sheet, so this is not possible. But, is it something that is on the development list?





  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Mike - sorry for the delay. The the first question, yes that is possible and it is what I was addressing, sorry if I wasnt clear in my explanation! 


    You can create lag using predecessors on a task in another sheet by first cell linking the task to your current sheet, then creating the dependency and lag with the linked task (just like you would with any other task).  Do that make sense? 


    Second question. Thinking about this a little more, it could be possible by doing the opposite of what you would do with your first question. You would first need to link the task to the second sheet, then set up the dependency, then link the dependent task to the first sheet. 


    Let me know if any of this doesnt make sence and I can create some graphics with screenshots to help illustrate this!

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