Conditional Formatting

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I want cells that need to be filled in with values to be highlighted. Like, if A2 and B2 contain a value, highlight C2. Only problem is that C2 has a formula so it's not technically "blank". And I want the formatting to go away once the formula has been overwritten. 

The formula is there because if someone indicates "Y" in B2, then the value in C2 gets copied into C3. 



  • Jim HookJim Hook ✭✭✭✭✭

    If I understand you correctly, I think you will need to dedicate a column to help format the cell you want to highlight. For example, create a column next to the Name column (or anywhere else) and enter a formula that will enter the value "Yes" if C1 has a particular value (or is non-blank) AND if C2 has a particular value (or is non-blank) AND Name is not blank. Then set up a conditional formatting rule that will cause the Name column to be highlighted if the new column has a value of "Yes". Since conditional formatting only looks at one column the new column is needed to look at three columns before deciding what to do. After that it can highlight any combination of cells in that row. Even if the Name cell has a formula in it as long as its value is blank (""), it will still work.

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