Conditional Alert enhancement status and issue with work around for alerts on incomplete tasks only

Any update on the functionality for the "Reminders" in "Alerts and Actions" to be conditional to eliminate for example tasks based on a completion condition?  I used the work around proposed previously in this forum (see below suggested by @Mike Wilday) , but found this to have following limitation: Since you are using a formula to technically calculate the reminder date, that calculation only gets updated when the smartsheet is opened from what I have experienced. In other words, if no one has opened the smartsheet in 5 days then technically any tasks coming up due for reminder in that window won't get sent because it hasn't been calculated?


Work around: Add an additional date column to your sheet and add an if statement to check if the row is complete. 

We have the start date, the end date, the percentage complete column, and an alert date. =if([% complete]=1,"", [end date]1)

In row one it checks to see if the %complete row = 1 (100%, and if so, keeps the reminder date column blank. If not, then it puts the end date in the column. 

Then we make sure to run all our reminders and notifications off the reminder date column. If someone marks a task as 100%  there will be no date in the reminder column and no reminder will fire. 


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    We don't have an estimated timeframe for when a feature like this will be released in Smartsheet. Please submit a product enhancement request to let our Product team know that you'd like to see this feature added.

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