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Viewer role with the ability to add discussion comments

I have given a number of my colleagues access to a worksheet with the Viewer role.  However, they are unable to add comments under Discussion.  Is there a way to allow them to do that?



  • As I understand it, if you give them editor rights, but lock the individual rows and columns, they will still be able to make comments or view attachments.  They would not be able to make changes to the data in any of your cells that are locked.


    This essentially gives them a viewer role, with the added ability to work with discussions and columns.

  • Thank you for that excellent suggestion, Joel!

  • I'll add in my thoughts to this.  We have a sheet we put out to multiple contractors.  This sheet contains our processes, business models, and even all equipment we want them to supply.  As such we have MANY attachments in the sheet that I don't want anyone to be able to edit/delete.  As it stands now if I set them to "Viewer" they cannot edit the discussions column, if I set them the "Editor" they would be able to add discussions but also affect my attachments.


    Can we please have another permission level such as "Viewer - can comment"?  or the ability to lock the attachments colum similar to how we as admins can lock columns and modify cells but our editors can not?  This would be invaluable, and seemingly an easy fix.  


    As of right now I have to keep a backup as a template, always a good practice anyways, and pray that none of my vendors accidentally delete our attachments.  I have notifications on in case that were to happen so I can restore our original sheet.


    Thanks, Noah.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Good suggestion, Noah! I will submit it to our Product team. 

  • Clif Smith
    edited 01/26/16

    +1 for Noah's suggestion.

  • +1 for Noah's suggestion. I want to give some core team members the permission to edit, but others with only "Viewer - can add comments" to the same sheet.

  • I have added your vote, Sherry!

  • I would love this option as well!

  • Please please please add the ability for viewers to add comments.

  • Yes , the ability to hide Coloums rows and cells and tabs of a sheet from certain people and the ability to allow editing permissions by column row cell and tab will allow all kinds of buisness to track jobs start to finish through all stages on one platform !!!!! Implement NOW !!!! please??

  • Also , for any company who is exporting data to maps for routing and a birds eye view to see where to send there resources based off of looking at the birds eye view of pins . The more data that's on one spreadsheet the better, this is where editing by column and viewing permission by column will help our company.. also Im trying to figure out a way to Import data to maps issue off the map make changes to the columns and import that data back to the spreadsheet. I've played with Google my maps and a little with smart sheets maps . 

  • +1 Vote for above suggestion

  • Hi Joel

    I read your suggestion and applied it. However in our sheet the comments column is used to "progress a discussion on open items" - each row is an open query till it is locked when query resolved - the comments thread may have multiple progress comments and some may be replies to some in the thread. Now if one user with "Edit-Can not share" goes back and deletes his/her old comment (say that was initially inserted today-10 days) - which he/she can do at present - the the reply to it (that may have been inserted say (today-5 days)) becomes confusing or invalid.

    Can there be a way to lock comments once posted? so they can not be edited by anyone other than say Admin or Owner?

    Anxious to know....thanks. 

  • Another vote for Noah's suggestion! This would be a major improvement.

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