IF(AND) Syntax Question

Bill Lafferty
Bill Lafferty ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I am trying to correct the SYNTAX for the below scenario as I repeatedly get #INCORRECT ARGUEMENT SET as a result on line 3.

In the column labeled "Today" I have the following formulas:

LINE 1  =IF(MONTH(TODAY()) = [DOJ Anniversary (M)]1, "YES", "NO")  ..... This returns the expected result.

LINE 2  =IF(MONTH(TODAY()) = [DOJ Anniversary (D)]2, "YES", "NO") ..... This returns the expected result.

LINE 3  =IF(AND(MONTH(TODAY()) = [DOJ Anniversary (M)]3, (DAY(TODAY()) = [DOJ Anniversary (D)]3), "YES", "NO"))  ..... This returns #INCORRECT ARGUEMENT SET.  

I suspect it is a simple mistake I have made in the syntax but haven't been able to solve for yet. 

Your extra set of eyes are appreciated.




  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Try the following. You had a n open paragraph for your second and criterion and and additional end parenthesis. 

    =IF(AND(MONTH(TODAY()) = [DOJ Anniversary (M)]3, DAY(TODAY()) = [DOJ Anniversary (D)]3), "YES", "NO")

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