Adding a Title to a COUNTIF formula


I am looking for guidance as I feel like I am missing something really simple.  I would like to be able to have a title(label) included in my COUNTIF statement.


This is the total count formula I have for the parent row:  ="May 2018" + " (" + COUNT(CHILDREN()) + ")"

This formula displays in the cell as May 2018 (3)


I want to be able to do a similar display in the parent row for truck loads that are going to one specific location.

This formula is not what I want because it counts all of the "specific location" entries on the entire sheet (not just the children within this parent row).

="US Loads (" + COUNTIF([Location]:[Location], "specific location") + ")"


This formula works, but does not display in the cell with a title.  It only display that number.

=COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), "specific location")


I thought I was on the right track but this formula below is coming up as #UNPARSEABLE.  What did I miss?

=“US Loads (“ + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), "specific location") + ”)”


  • Chris McKay
    Chris McKay ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Lisa,

    Looking at the last formula, your structure is correct and I believe the answer is simpler than you thought.

    I'm guessing you copied and pasted the components of your formula from somewhere else (e.g. a website or Excel). Notice the quotes in the last formula (“) are different to the formula before it (")?

    Simply type over the quotes in your last formula with the " key on your keyboard and the formula will more than likely work.

    Kind regards,

    Chris McKay

  • Lisa Devolder Babula

    Yes - so simple!  Thanks for catching that Chris.  Appreciate the help!

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