System Field: Date/TimeStamp behaviour

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Hi all,

Have been a fan and avid user of SmartSheet since 2015.  Great to see all the continual roll out of new capabilities / functionality.

I am currently working on building a triggered notification on SmartSheet -- essentially, if a specific row has not been updated for "x" days, it will fire a notification to a specified user.

Proposed approach:

- Create a formula that evaluates that Last Modified date agaisnt Today(), if over "x" days, then fire off a notification to a specified contact (in another column).

- This seems to work -- however, for some reason, I noted that the date/time stamp on rows are updating 'seemingly' by itself in a manner that the criteria set up would never be met.

When trying to isolate what has changed in that row, it is not apparent.  The only thing that comes to mind ... possibly... is that a user altered the view using an established filter view and clicked save?  Could that be a reason why a row updates?

I don't believe insertion of rows would / should impact the last modified date, and don't see why applying a filter should update the Last Modified date as no data has changed in that particular row aside from the fact that it may be filtered or not.

Could someone please shed some light on this matter?














  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Interesting. Do you have any formulas referencing Today() in the sheet. Because if you did, and they changed the date for any reason, or affected the formula's output it would change the data and then consider that a modification of the data in the row. That might be why you're seeing the modified date change automatically. Have you tried turning on highlight changes in the last 24 hours to see what has changed on each row? That might help pinpoint the issue. 


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