Print multiple selected rows with all comments printing below each

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I would like to hardcopy archive selected rows from 2017 but would like to select a group of rows and print one row then comments, then repeat for each row. Do this for many rows at a time. Any thoughts?  


  • Gwyneth C
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    This is an interesting one!

    Comments will appear on the last page of your printout. So if your aim is to have the order of the printed sheets as you describe, that is (1) Row 1 contents (2) Row 1 Comments, (2) Row 2 contents (2) Row 2 Comments, you'll need to print the rows one at a time.

    Here's how you'd do that:

    1. Select the first row that you want to print.

    2. Click File > Print.

    3. Under Selection, make sure Selected Rows is selected.

    4. On the right side of the Print Setup window, check Include Comments.

    You'll need to do this for each row that you want to print.

    For more tips about how to print from Smartsheet, please see the Print from Smartsheet help article (the