Renaming columns affects reports



  • edited 07/26/18

    So here's the weird thing - 

    I am having the same issue where I have 1 sheet feeding 10+ reports for different groups of people - when I changed the column name on the sheet and/or deleted the column entirely, this did not properly affect the report. 

    When I went back into Report Builder - SOME of the reports showed in "columns" that the changed columns "could not be found" but in OTHER reports, the column name was incorrect on the report, however was correct when I opened up "columns" in the report builder.

    It seems odd that this would happen.

    AND we also experienced some of the columns updating the names, we assume from the report column name change? while others didn't - which we thought was EXTRA odd. The only reason we know they changed somehow automatically was because I had only updated 1 of the 10 reports, but a few of the other 9 didn't even need to be updated? It was weird.

    All of this, leads me to believe that this kind of functionality must be possible... somehow.

    Our team and our Solution, overall, is extremely agile - and we have so many reports that stem from our sheets, that it's very time consuming and inefficient to have to manually update every report when we only change a column title.

    Thanks in advance.


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