can we automate the request for e-mail if want copy of form?

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We often ask in our forms for an e-mail address already. Then, if the user wants a copy of the form at the end, he is prompted to reenter his e-mail. Is there a way to eliminate that step and point towards a field already in the form?




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    Hello Claude,


    Thanks for this question!  In your sheet, you could set up a notification rule to send out a confirmation email to the email address field.

    1) Set your email column to a "Contact List"-type column.

    2) Set up a notification for when a Row is added.  Select the "Contact in Column" option and then select the appropriate email column.  I've attached a screenshot to this post of these.

    3) Change the Delivery Settings as desired to reflect the subject line, body text, and information you'd like included in that email.  

    4) Make sure your Alert and Actions permissions are set to "Any Email Address and Third-Party Integration" for your sheet so that it doesn't prevent emails from going to non-shared users.  These permissions are found under the Gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the Alert Builder.  I've attached a screenshot of this as well.

    This will then send this information to the email address marked in the row

    Please let me know if you have further questions on this. 


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