V-Lookup referring to multiple sheet

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm trying to link cells pulled from other sheets called  {Projects Info 2018 CG1-5,10} & ,{Projects Info 2018 CG 6-9}. When the column called "project" in my sheet is the same as in {Projects Info 2018 CG1-5,10} & ,{Projects Info 2018 CG 6-9}, then return result from column 14.

When using the following Vlookup formula in a cell it works but only refers to one sheet.

=VLOOKUP([PT Project #]11, {Projects Info 2018 CG1-5,10}, 14, false)

When I try to insert both sheets in the formula, as follow...

=VLOOKUP([PT Project #]11, {Projects Info 2018 CG1-5,10}{Projects Info 2018 CG 6-9, 14, false)

I get the following error message: #UNPARSEABLE

Both sheets are identical in format. How to I refer to both and get a result?

Thank you.