Approval Requests


Is there a way to send an approval request to multiple people but require only one to approve it?  For example, we would like either our AVP or our VP to approve travel requests, but they don't both need to approve.  If I include both names in the section, then it adds a column for the second approval, which isn't necessarily required.


  • AverageUser

    If you use an already existing column for the "Store approval status in column" dropdown, then it will only require/allow a single person to submit the approval.

    For example, I have a column named "Status". When that column is set to "Complete", it triggers an Approval Request that is sent to several people. The very first person to complete the request gets the option of clicking "Approve" or "Decline". When they click one of those two choices, it changes the value of the "Status" column to "Approved" or "Declined" accordingly.

    If another person tries to submit an Approval Request for the same item, they only get the option to click "Save" on the Approval Request Form instead of the normal "Approve" or "Decline" options.