Symbols not changing based on the value in another cell

Tauri ✭✭
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I have applied a formula where RYG "status" column is counting days to deadline and changes colors according to how many days are left till deadline (=IF(Done3 <> 3; IF(TODAY() - Due4 > -7; "Red"; IF(TODAY() - Due4 > -14; "Yellow"; IF(TODAY() - Due4 < 6; "Green"))))

Now i want to add another formula to column(Drop Down) called "Progression", where based on the RYG status column, "Progression" column(Drop Down) will change as Red = Escalate, Yellow = At Risk and Green = In Progress.

I tried following formula, but it doesnt work: =IF(Status4 = "YELLOW"; (Progression4 = "At Risk"))





  • Hi Tauri,

    Try this:

    =IF(Status4 = "Red"; "Escalate"; IF(Status4 = "Yellow"; "At Risk"; IF(Status4 = "Green"; "In Progress)))

  • Tauri
    Tauri ✭✭

    Hi Shaine.


    Thanks. Tried to copy/paste, but no luck. Then changed the order of the colors from "green" to "red" and voila, It worked.


    =IF(Status4 = "Green"; "In Progress"; IF(Status4 = "Yellow"; "At Risk"; IF(Status4 = "Red"; "Escalate")))


    Appreciate your support.

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