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Hey Everyone,

I'm trying to build a Job Calendar. I've input the dates and split it up into Man Days and Man Weeks. My dilemma is this: I need to be able to select a range of dates (ie Jan 1-8) so we can see our expense for that specific week. I've searched everywhere and cannot figure this out. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Hello,

    To accomplish this, you might consider breaking down your construction calendar by the week by adding each week as a separate row. You'll want to copy your formulas down onto the new rows as well, making sure to have one new row per week (or per period that you want to measure) and input the dates correctly.

    You can even indent your weekly rows underneath your parent row, and use SUM(CHILDREN()) functions to roll up all of the weekly totals into a grand total.

    More on hierarchy in our help center:

    More on our functions:


  • Hey Shaine,

    I grouped all the weeks together into their respective rows as suggested. Is there a formula that will auto fill the weeks? (Take the start date and the end date and "fill" the weeks in, instead of manually inputting them?) Also, is there a way to "assign" a PM to a row so that row will generate a color on the gantt whenever they are brought in? I created a dropbox with their information, but nothing seems to change when I bring them in. Thanks for all the help!