Graphs on Dashboard not updating dynamically

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I have an issue with the charts on my dashboards not updating to show current metrics. Not sure if I am doing anything wrong but here is what I have done.


1 - Created a sheet and linked data from a Card that i have setup for my team


2 - Columns now show with Assigned to and status, I added a countif formula to count all different status


3- I created a dashboard and inserted metrics specific to the countif formulas i.e. In progress 22, Complete 25, etc


4 - When a new "card' is added via my Card screen, it does not update the metrics on the dashboard.


 Here is what I have checked:

 - Formula that I have build extends to open cells, so it would allow for new projects to be captured


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




  • Hello,

    To better assist, can you provide the formulas that you created and a screenshot of the data being referenced (preferably in grid view)?

    Also, did you select the entire column when creating your charts widget by clicking the column header, or did you select every cell more individually when choosing your range?

  • Screen shot attached. When using the formula, I did reference the entire column. Also for the widget I am attaching a screen shot as well. When referencing this, just looked at the formulas.





  • Hello,

    Looks like you've also got some metrics widgets on your dashboard, are those updating as expected?

    From looking at your "In progress" formula and your "in progress" metric widget, those values appear to be the same. Is this just an issue with the chart widget itself not updating as expected or every widget on your dashboard?

    If your entire dashboard isn't updating after you've hit the refresh button (or during an automatic refresh cycle), then I'd recommend contacting our Support team to troubleshoot further.

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