Extract selected data from sheet (without using report)

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Hi Smartsheet community!

I have the following problem:

I have a Smartsheet with a long list of items. These items will be shipped in several shipments and several collis, on different dates and to different locations. I would like to extract an shipment overview from this complete list of items that only includes the necessary data to notify the receiver. The obvious approach would be a report but that means that the receiver would need to have access to the Smartsheet with the complete list - which I can't grant them because there is lots of data included that I may not share.

Attached you see two screenshots that show 1) test data that show the structure of the complete list and 2) the target structure of the test data that I would like to have in a separate Smartsheet.

I've tried to use a pivot sheet, vlookup function... but failed. Has anybody had a similar problem before and was able to solve it? Your support would be highly appreciated.

Test-input data.JPG

Test-data target structure.JPG


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