COUNTIF Function

rlakin52911 ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Im trying to count 2 columns on a issue sheet and want to count out each specific type (Risk, Action, Issue, Decision) that are open (not counting the closed or in progress types)

I have these formuals but its not producing a result

  • =COUNTIF(Type1:Type50, "Risk", [Status1]:[Status50], "Open")
  • =COUNTIF(Type1:Type50, "Action", [Status1]:[Status50], "Open")
  • =COUNTIF(Type1:Type50, "Issue", [Status1]:[Status50], "Open")
  • =COUNTIF(Type1:Type50, "Decision", [Status1]:[Status50], "Open")

As an aside, why do I have to select a range and not just the entire column?

Any help experts? Thank you for any guidance. I'm one week into SS, loving it.


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