Formatting doesn't work for copied cells

Maxim Chemerkin
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Good afternoon.

Can anyone help me with the following issue?

I have a workplan on a sheet, where I coloured lines, separating sections of the plan, in a grey. Afterwards I copied a formula to all of the cells in a specific column, while the whole column became white (i.e. it changed grey into white in some of the lines).

The problem is that for this column (where I copied formula from one cell to all cells in the column):

1) I cannot change colour of any cell in the column - it's always white. Even if I try Clear Formatting and then apply new colour - it's anyway white. Even if I use Format Painter tool - it copied everything but colour - the cell anyway remains white.

2) Colour coding doesn't work in this cells.

I'm attaching a screenshot, where you can see the column "On track?" which is not editable.Line 39-40 should be grey (I can't change the colour), while line 46 should be green according to the rule (I'm also attaching screenshot of all the colouring rules I have).

Has anyone faced the same annoying issues?


Thank you in advance!


smartsheer colour coding.PNG

smartsheer colour coding rules.PNG