Email notification with more than 1 row

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Hi there,

I have set up a rule to send an email notification when there is any update in a row. 

When there are more than one row, the affected row details are shown in tabular format (same as it is in smartsheet). My sheet has around 30 columns and I wish to show all the 30 columns in email notification. On receiving email notification, the columns width are wrapped/compressed in a way that it becomes very difficult to read the data with in each cell. Imagine how would it look when a comments column having with 50 character text is compressed to fit in less than 1 inch width of a column in email notification.

At the moment, my end users have to copy the data from email notification and paste it in excel so that the text is readable to them.

Is there a way, we can avoid this situation ensuring the column width is not compromised so that the text in the column is readable to end users.





  • Hi Shyam,

    Due to constraints in the supported markup (HTML/CSS) of email formatting, there currently isn't a way to change the appearance of notifications from an aggregate of several rows.

    Try editing your Delivery settings to include fewer columns in each notification. More on notification delivery settings can be found in the help center:

    Encourage your colleagues to go directly to the sheet for the full scope of information. (There's a link to the sheet in the notification email.) They can even enable highlight changes to make sure they're able to spot only changes within a certain time or since they've last viewed the sheet:

    As another potential workaround, you might consider narrowing the criteria of your notification rules such that they're only triggered on specific types of changes. This can potentially reduce the number of rows included in each notification email.

    Otherwise, you can also create multiple notification rules that are triggered off of specific changes. This could result in people getting more emails, but it's possible that each email will include a smaller range of rows.

  • Hi Shaine,

    We have an Enterprise license with our company and have created a Form system that we are working out of to capture data, then send an e-mail notification to a specific shared inbox.

    Like the above OP, we are having multiple rows included in each e-mail notification (maybe the form is being filled out by multiple people at the same time or close to the same time). Our issue isn't the formatting, which we have noticed the change, but we would prefer to have only one e-mail generated for each new Form submission. Is this possible? I changed the notifications so instead of being triggered by a drop-down selection, the notification will instead be sent each time a new row is added to our Smartsheet.

    Is this something that you can possibly help us to resolve. I've been sort of perusing some of the other posts, but this one falls pretty close to what we are experiencing.

    Thank you,

    Brandon Carmichael

    BIC Graphic