Smartsheet and JIRA integration


I have two questions related to Smartsheet and JIRA integrator and I'd like to know if somebody here could help me:


** Question #1: Is it possible to insert a row (automatically) within a parent structure from JIRA integration? For example, suppose I have this smartsheet:

Marketing Team Tasks

       Task 1...

       Task 2...

       Task 3...

IT Team Tasks

       Task 1...

       Task 2...

Then, I'd like to add a new task ("Task 4") in JIRA to Marketing team and want it "inserted" within correct parent task (below Task 3 from Marketing Team Tasks). Is it possible?


** Question #2: It's almost the same situation described above, but want to insert a new item (eg. an Epic issue) and want it sorted in correct position/row in the smartsheet. For example, suppose I have this:

Type Epic, Task 1

Type Epic, Task 2

Type Epic, Task 3

Type Story, Task 4

Type Story, Task 5

Type Story, Task 6

Type Story, Task 7

Then, I'd like to add another Epic issue in JIRA ("Issue 8") and want it inserted together with all other Epic rows. Is it possible?

Thank you,




  • Hi John, 

    How have you configured your JIRA connector? Is it Automatic (both ways) or Manual (either way)?

    If it configured as Automatic, then whenever a new ticket is created in JIRA and it fulfills the fields criteria that you have mentioned in the JIRA connector, the new ticket will automatically appear at the end of your Smartsheet plan. 

    If it is configured as manual, then whenever you click the "Run" button in the JIRA connector, it will then add the new ticket into the Smartsheet plan. 

    With respect to your Question #1 & Question #2, if the JIRA Connector is configured as "Automatic" then you don't have any issues and you can move the ticket to the location where you want it to be. If your JIRA connector is configured as Manual, then whenever you click "Run" button in the JIRA connector, the ticket sequence will change. 

    I had faced this issue when i configured by JIRA Connector as Manual, since i wanted the flow from JIRA to Smartsheet. I changed the flow from Manual to Automatic and now i don't have any issue, if i move the ticket in the plan. 

    Hope this helps.. 

  • Thank you Roberto for your answer!

    It's configured to perform a two-way automatic updates, but I'd like to know if there's a way to insert new row automatically within a parent structure. In the scenario above, I'd like the connector insert automatically the new Issue/Task 4 in the same 'group' of tasks related to the other Marketing Team tasks. Do you know how to do that? Can you give me a hint?

    The second question is about a Sort functionality that I'd like to know if Smartsheet (or the connector) has, and if does, how to perform a sort in the sheet after a new row has inserted.

    Thank you!


  • Hi John 

    I don't think it is possible that the JIRA connector will "place" the new ticket automatically within the parent structure. I have noticed that it always places the new ticket at the end of the project plan..

    The "Highlight Changes" option will indicate any changes that are done to the plan. You can track using this option to see which tickets have got added into the plan; hence you wouldn't need any Sort functionality to check out the newly added ticket(s). 

    Hope this helps..