Restrict Input on Web Form to Dollar format?

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Is it possible to create a field on the web form that will enforce any entered number to be in the dollar format (dollars, cents) versus just text? The column in the referenced Smartsheet is set up to that format, but users may enter $100K... can the webform enforce $100,000 in this instance? I couldn't find any reference to this.... or how to do this?

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    On the top of the sheet is a dollar sign. Select the entire column by clicking on the header, then click on the dollar sign. This will format all cells in the column as dollars. It will convert any numeral entered into standard dollar format.


  • I know I am posting this a few years after the original post, but I am looking to do the same thing. The suggestion of converting the column to a dollar value did nothing to restrict the value of the cell or prevent users from submitting information on the form as 100K rather than $100,000.00. Has anyone figured out the solution for this?

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    Hi @Alexis Bianca Cano

    No, there currently isn't a way to restrict field entries in a form to be a specific type of value format. I would recommend making sure that your Helper Text for that field in the form is explicitly clear for how your users should format the data input.

    You could potentially set up an alert on the sheet for if the value entered contains K, or is not numerical, so that you know when an entry doesn't meet the requirement. Let me know if you would be interested in this and I can post screen captures of how to set up this alert.