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Cathy Fraser
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I have a traffic light column in spreadsheet and I have a formula that triggers the colour based on a status column. I am just looking to add a step in that turns the traffic light red if it is not started or in progress and it is past the due date

Formula so far

=IF(Status210 = "Completed", "Green", IF(Status210 = "In progress", "Yellow", IF(Status210 = "Not Started", "Blue")))





  • I believe you would be looking for this: 

    =IF([Due Date]210 > TODAY(),"Red",IF(Status210 = "Completed","Green", IF(Status210 = "In progress","Yellow", "Blue"))


    Note that I updated your equation so that it doesn't check for "Not Started" to return Blue so that Blue will show any time none of the other conditions are met. 

    You also may need to update the Due Date column name to match exactly what your column is named. 

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