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Hi everyone,


We're putting together a stock sheet and we want to create notifications so that when a figure in a cell drops below a certain amount an email is automatically sent to the relevant people so they know to re-order.


Can anyone help please?


Many thanks!


  • Dave Godfrey
    Dave Godfrey ✭✭✭✭


    This can be do by setting a new Notification in the Alerts and Actions

    you will need to specify the column that you and select is less than / less than and equal to.  This will then send a notification to the contacts that select.  I have added a screenshot so you can see how it is done.



  • Thanks for your help Dave, one question....


    This seems to apply a rule for the whole column, can you set it so that it applies rules to individual cells.

    For example in the 'quantity in stock' column I might want an automated email to be sent when cell G5 (brochures) is equal to or less than 20, however in cell G6 (user guides) I might want an email sent when it's equal to or less than 40.



  • Dave Godfrey
    Dave Godfrey ✭✭✭✭


    The notifications are specific to the columns and are generated when the conditions in a row are met.

    You can create more than 1 notification and add more conditions

    Where Item equals brochure and quantity is equal to or less than 20

    Where Item equals user guides and quantity is equal to or less than 40


    Hope this helps


  • Instead of configuring a new notification for each row, you can create 2 extra columns, `Stock Warning` and `Warning`. 

    The Stock Warning column will be a number field where you set the quantity at which you would like to send the notification. 

    The Warning column will be a standard text field. This should be set to

     =IF([Stock Warning]1 >= Qty1, "True", "False"). 


    Then your notification can be setup as seen in the screenshot. 



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