Stale time/date



I am trying to setup a "Stale" notification for a help ticketing system.  When a support ticket (row) ticket has not been modified when compared to the current time and date in over an X amount of hours, then send a notification.  I can compare two different date columns like this:

=Modified1 - [Created Date]1

But if I do this:

=today()- [Created Date]1

It does not calculate the time and uses only the number of days.  So if it is a new ticket, and it sits there more then 2 hours without any attention, I want to have a notification sent.  Decimal days are ok for the hours (an hour is 0.041666) but I cannot figure out a way to do this because there is no TIME function and is not a property of any of the day or date functions (at least that I can decipher).

Any ideas?




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