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Resource not appearing in Project Resource View

Luis Rueda
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I have a smartsheet that is being used for resource allocation.


For some reason one of the resources does not show up in Project Resource View when clicked in the Gantt, any ideas? In the Gantt itself he does show up.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 05/13/15

    Hi Luis - There are a number of factors that could affect resource views. 


    I have some questions and things to check:


    -Are other resources successfully tracked in this sheet?

    -Does this user show up as a resource in other sheets or on the resource tool on your Home tab?

    -Is resource management enabled on the sheet?

    -Are you adding the user’s name to a Contact List column?

    -Are you assigning the task to the user or just typing their name? (double click on their name - you should see their name AND email address)

     -Are the tasks you assigned to the user scheduled in the future?

  • This happened to me.  Are you sure this is an "invited" user?  If the user is just a free collaborator who has shared access to the sheet but hasn't been "invited" and "accepted", they won't show up in Resource Management.  They don't have to be a licensed user, but just invited by you to your account.  See if you can see them in User Management.


  • Naama Lev
    Naama Lev
    edited 11/29/15


    I have the same problem

    1.  All users are active

    2. In one sheet - the users are succesffuly tracked and in the other they dont

    3. Resource managment is enabled

    4. I am using the contact list for the assigne column

    5. All tasks are schedulaed for the future..


    Can you please advise? can you please let me know how did you solve the issue?



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Naama, to confirm, resource management is working in one sheet but not the other? 

    Open your project settings and make sure all the dependency and RM settings are correct - ensure the correct columns are selected for each option. It may be possible you have a different column selected for an option, then the one you are using in your sheet. 

  • I'm having the same problem. I've activated the user management check, created the alocated % and have set all the options related, but, once I try to see the resources allocation, it opens an empty window. 

    May you guys help me to check what's wrong? 


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