Gantt scaling problem when export SmartSheet Gantt to PDF

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I have a project SmartSheet in gantt view.

On screen, I adjust the Gantt to quarter scale (i.e. 1st level in Q1, Q2 and Q3 with 2nd level in Apr, May and Jun). When I export the Sheet to PDF, the output PDF is scaled to month (i.e. 1st level in Apr, May and Jun with 2nd level in week).

In this particular Sheet, I have the role of editor (cannot share).

As control, I saved the SmartSheet to a new Sheet and I become the owner of the new Sheet.  Then, I repeat the same procedure to export the new Sheet to a PDF file. This time, the PDF gantt shows the same scale with my on screen view.

Is there a limitation on exporting a Sheet when I am the editor, not the owner of the Sheet?

How can I adjust the scale of the Gantt when I output (export) the Gantt to image or PDF file?

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  • Hi Frank—

    You're correct in that your Editor permissions need to be bumped up to Admin in order to be able to adjust and save the Gantt timeline.

    As an Editor, you can adjust the Gantt chart but can't save that adjustment to the sheet. (It's only for you.) Due to that, the adjustment won't appear in the printed copy of the sheet.

    Have another Admin on the sheet or the sheet owner bump you up to Admin-level permissions. More information on editing sharing permissions can be found in the help center:

  • Tim Starkey
    Tim Starkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Poking around on old threads as we still have this issue... It appears this is still the behavior. It doesn't make sense because an editor *can change* the display, and that display setting is persistent (it remains at what the user set it at even after log out and log in later).

    So, if the sheet itself maintains a persistent time scale per user viewing the sheet, why doesn't the print function do the same? Having the print view align with the user display view just makes common sense.

    I didn't see it posted in the idea's area, so created a new request. If others come across this, please support the request here: Allow editors and viewers to change gantt timescale when printing to PDF — Smartsheet Community