Please help with an a SUMIF formula

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I have a spread sheet with a column (with a formula) that counts how many days it took for each project to get from one department to the next. I am trying to figure out a formula to add all those days together but just from a specific month in 2018... I will eventually have to do this for each month for the next couple years. Please help!


  • amanda_d

    This is what I have come up with so far


    =SUMIFS([Job Started]6:[Job Started]619, AND(@cell >= DATE(2019, 1, 1), @cell < DATE(2019, 2, 1)), [Days From KAS to Invoicing]6:[Days From KAS to Invoicing]619)



  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    With SUMIFS, you specify the criteria RANGE before the criteria. So your range is [Days From KAS to Invoicing]6:[Days From KAS to Invoicing]619 and your criteria is AND(@cell >= DATE(2019, 1, 1), @cell < DATE(2019, 2, 1)).


    Try switching those around and see if that works. If you are looking for a specific month/year combo, you could also use something along the lines of this for your criteria...

    AND(MONTH(@cell) = ##, YEAR(@cell) = ##)


    Just replaces the #'s with whatever numbers you want. It may be a little easier to update, but that's just a personal preference.

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