Nested IF/AND formula


I am new to smartsheets and I am having a hard time with a formula, hopefully someone can help me. 

I am trying to create a formula that will indicate the status of a task based on the following condition:

  1. whether the task is completed or action is required
  2. whether the task is at risk or not

To conclude this is what I want: 

1. At risk + Action Required = Red

2. At risk + No action required = Red

3. risk is blank + action required = Yellow

4. risk is blank + completed = Green


The risk column is either empty or has values that say yes.

The notes column states either completed or action is required. 


Below is the formula I have, but I get #unparseable. Any help is very much appreciated. 


=IF(AND(Risk2 = "Yes", Notes2 = "Action Required"), "Red", "Yellow")IF(AND(ISBLANK(Risk)2, Note2 = "Completed"), "Green", "Yellow"))



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