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Multiple projects and hour registration

Hi there,


we are new to Smartsheet (testing) and would llike to registrate our EU projects. 

  • - Registration of multiple projects
  • - Fill in the available budget
  • - hour registration from employees on these projects (different from budget)
  • - different hourly rate per project per person
  • - Tasks and deliverables within these projects


How would we start with this?


Thanks!! Jan-Marc


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Jan-Marc!


    How you want to set up your sheets and track your tasks, deliverables, rates, etc would depend on your own business and your processes - although these things are all possible in Smartsheet. We do offer some training resources to help you learn and implement the product:


    *Online Help Center* - found by clicking on Help > Help Center to assist you with questions and answers on our functionality.


    *Template Gallery* - located on the + tab within the app can provide you with templates containing sample data to help you get started with a wide variety of scenarios.


    *Help Videos* - found under Help > Help Videos or at http://www.smartsheet.com/videos to assist you with a recorded walk-through of each functional area.


    *Live Online Training* - found at http://www.smartsheet.com/webinars to assist with training on getting started as well as advanced topics.


    *Solution Center* - found at http://www.smartsheet.com/solutions to assist you with solutions in Smartsheet.


    *Smartsheet Company Blogs* - found at http://www.smartsheet.com/blog/ to give you design tips and ideas on what other customers are doing.


    *Train at Smartsheet HQ* - we periodically deliver two-day trainings at our headquarters in Bellevue, WA. If you'd like to learn more about upcoming Smartsheet Academy training sessions please provide your information via this web form


    Our support team is also available via Help > Help Center > Submit your Question (or email us directly: [email protected]) for any challenges you have when trying to implement any of the functionality within the product.

  • Hi Travis,


    Thanks for the advise, but its not an answer to my question I'm afraid...:-). Could you, or someone else help out? Or is this discussion group not ment for these kind of questions?





  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Jan-Marc, without knowing your business, your processes, or specifics about what you are looking for, it will be hard to give you an exact answer. It may be helpful to be more specific about what you are having trouble with. I will try and give you resources based on what you have provided.


    -Registration of multiple projects

    1. How are you registering projects? Do you need help adding projects to Smartsheet? If you are using MS Project, Excel, or Google Sheets, you can import the file to Smartsheet to create new sheets. 



    -Fill in available budget

    How are you currently tracking budgets? It is possible that however you were tracking this before can be done in Smartsheet in a similar manner. 

    Here are a couple links to our Solution Center which gives you examples of how you can track budgets:




    You can also search for “Budget” in the template gallery to view all of our budget templates. 


    -hour registration from employees on these projects

    We do not support duration in hours yet (it is coming in the next couple months) but you can manually track this in a Text/Number column


    -different hourly rate per project per person

    This can be tracked using formulas in a Text/Number column. Check out the template Time Tracker with Rate Table to see an example of this


    -Tasks and deliverable within these projects


    Sheets will support tasks and deliverables (depending on what you are looking for). What exactly are you struggling with with this item? You may want to look at the Basic Project with Gantt & Dependencies sheet which is a great basic project sheet. This might give you ideas of how to start your sheets. 

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