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Copy web forms to another sheet

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I have searched for information on this but no luck.


Is it possible to copy a web form to another sheet? I have multiple sheets I would like to use the same web form for and I would rather not have to create it new for each sheet.





  • Web forms are linked to specific columns within a sheet so there isn’t a way to copy a web form from one sheet to another. You could always make copies of the sheet containing the web form, then move the data from your other sheets to the new copies but that would likely be more work than creating a new web form in your other sheets.

  • I have severl sheets with web forms based on the year. So, it sounds like when the new year comes I will have to copy my sheets and recreate all the web forms and conditional formatting from scratch. It would be nice if this could be copied.

  • Greg Hawk
    Greg Hawk
    edited 04/29/16

    Stan, when you make a copy of a sheet, you can choose to include all formatting rule, web forms, and data. Just remove the data after you make the copy. 

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