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Can a SUMIF Formula be used to pull info from another sheet?

Kingsley Bowder
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I have an order manifest that i would like to use a formula to bring info from to another sheet that is a running stock sheet. The formula will look at the order manifest and serch a part number and return the quantity that is on order to my running stock sheet. is this possible?


  • Felipe Acha
    edited 10/27/15

    I have been asking for this feature since 2010 when I used smartsheet for first time. I called it "conditional cell linking operation". It would put smartsheet closer to excel abilities.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Kingsley - it sounds like you are looking for a VLOOKUP functionality which doesn’t exist but is on our enhancement request list and I'll add your vote for you. As a workaround, you could build the formulas on your stock sheet, then cell link the result to your manifest sheet. 

  • Kingsley Bowder
    edited 10/28/15

    Yes thanks Travis, that was my plan B, i think i'll go that way then hopefully when you get it added we will be able to use it...

  • darklydrawl

    Hi Travis,

    Yes, adding VLookup functionality would be a priority I would think. It would add a lot of value to your Smartsheet app.   I would also like to be able to populate any 'dropdown' lists from a master list (as you would using a named range in Excel).  That way any changes to the master list will be reflected in all the dropdown options as well.  Right now there is no data integrity ability at all as far as I can tell.

    Both of these enhancements would make your product more useful and productive.

  • C Bauer
    C Bauer
    edited 12/03/15

    My question is similar to that of Kingsley's, but I am wondering if the actual SUMIFs fucntion (not a VLOOKUP/Match) can be used to sum data from another worksheet? For instance, if an employee has 40 billable hours on case A and 40 billable hours on case B in October, I want to sum up all their billable hours for that month (i.e. it would show 80 hours for October).  Thanks! 

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    C Bauer, formulas cannot reference another sheet but you could build the SUMIF formulas then cell link the results to other sheets (and run formulas off the linked cell if you wanted).

  • Gary Bisel
    Gary Bisel ✭✭✭

    Has there been any update to this since 10/2015? I have several users looking to create formulas that reference data from other sheets they own without having to do the formulas on the originating data sheet and cell link to the other. I agree with the others this would be a very good enhancement.

    Gary Bisel CSPO, CSM

    Product Manager, Bulk Materials Segment

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