Weekly Update Text Column

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi Community—

Need some advice.

My team uses an Excel spreadsheet to track account updates. Weekly we add a column to the right and the team inputs a paragraph of text. So the existing Excel sheet is up to column "AH" since we are at calendar week W42. So next week ... "AI" and so on. The previous week's column is then hidden. The columns all the way to the left don't change since they contain stats about the account. Each account is a row.

On a weekly bases we send a report to Executive management, in that report the older week columns are hidden. But they do want to retain the information in there for trending... and they currently prefer an Excel type of view.

So since the updates are weekly and are a text paragraph, how would you advise i structure a SmartSheet to bring this spreadsheet in? Ideally we are not doing a lot of report restructuring on a weekly bases where SmartSheet generates a report containing only the current week's column. 

Thanks in advance!