Calendar App: why can't I see settings?

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First let me say that we're new to the Smartsheet Calendar App. I started the Calendar worksheet but my manager wanted a chance to set-up the Calendar App this time around ('cause it's fun). Even though I'm the owner on the worksheet (she's the Admin - see attached screen shot), I cannot edit the settings in Calendar App (see attached screen shot). I've noticed this oddity previously, but it only became an issue today when she asked me to complete the calendar today. Am I doing something wrong or is this a 'feature'? If it's a feature, why would you not want multiple users to have access to the Calendar App settings? Thank you!

Calendar App Screen Shot.png

SS Permissions Screen Shot.png


  • Zack S
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    I saw you created a ticket with support as well which I've answered, but I wanted to include the answer here as well so others can see it. 

    Within the Calendar application, the option to view and edit the settings will only be accessible to the person who created the specific calendar config. This won't have a connection to sheet permissions and only to who created the config itself, which it sounds like your manager did. 

    You can transfer ownership of the config from your manager to yourself, and that will allow you to edit the settings, once accepted.