Matching a percentage dropdown entry

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I've got a pretty simple requirement which I'm struggling with. I have a dropdown defined with % values for completion (ie 100%, 75%, 50% etc) and I want to create a formula which searches for completed tasks (ie any cell with 100%). I imagine this is pretty common.

However, the cell type doesn't seem to be textual, nor does it seem to behave as a normal number. If I use a simple ISNUMBER() function for the cell in question it returns TRUE, but if I then try to do an =IF(Status1=100%, "Complete","Incomplete") I get 'Incomplete' even when the value is 100%. Likewise other numerical comparison operators such as > don't seem to recognise it as a number.

I can't find any functions to convert a number to text, and as it's a number type the usual FIND function doesn't work.

Any ideas? 



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