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I understand that when publishing to Google Calendar the Smartsheet Name appears as the Calendar Name. My scenario is this: I have 5-10 projects going on at one time for one given client. So, if I am viewing all calendars at one time, the tasks/milestones are difficult to differentiate. Is there a work-around so that the project name appears within the Google Calendar view, and not just within the calendar name?


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    A possible workaround would be to show the information in the primary column but if it will work depends on your setup in general. 

    You would need to use another column for the information that you previously had in the primary column, and it will affect other areas in Smartsheet. You would also need to add another column to have the project name in.

    =[Project Name]@row + " - " + [Alternative Primary]@row

    Will show as "Project 1 - Task 1"

    Depending on your country you’ll need to exchange the comma to a period and the semi-colon to a comma

    Would that work?


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