Create SUMIFS formula with a contact criteria in a multiple contacts range

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


I am looking for the right way to build my formula that makes a sum of a number column with a contact criteria in a multiple contacts range.


=SUMIFS({numberRange with hours}; {Criteria Range with multiple contacts}; Contact Name; {Range with Statuscode}; "In Progress")

Check also the screenshot below.

If I want the total hours (last column) spend by 'Roy de Witte' I want to include also the hours of the rows where 'Roy de Witte' is part of a cell with multiple contacts.

Above formule returns at this moment only the hours of the rows with only 'Roy de Witte' (= a value of 20 hours. I want to see the a value returned of 24 hours.


Thanks in advance!






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